We are a social club that gets together every Saturday to run and optionally drink alcohol. To learn more, check out our About page and/or join our facebook group

Upcoming Events

October 1, 2016
October 8, 2016
  • No Hare Hash Run
    Start: 5:00 pm
    Date: October 8, 2016  - 2 weeks from now


October 15, 2016
  • No Hare Hash Run
    Start: 5:00 pm
    Date: October 15, 2016  - 3 weeks from now


October 22, 2016
  • OTC (BarfDay), Pecker, MLA, MV, Kwaustee Hash Run
    Start: 3:00 pm
    Date: October 22, 2016  - 4 weeks from now


    OTC's BEERthday HASH!
    Coharing: MV, Pecker, Kwuthstee, and MLA
    Cost: $5
    Donate $15+ to have a special leather name tag* to hang on your hash cup, keychain, or necklace.
    Use paypal to send your early rego and any additional donation to paypal.me/OTCMV/15
    All proceeds donated to Villalobos Pitbull rescue center in New Orleans, LA. The humane efforts are overlooked in times of public crisis and needs more support now than ever before.
    Villalobos Rescue Center - www.vrcpitbull.com
    What you get: A shitty trail, duh. But wait! A shittier post-hash crawl bonus! Then some, Haberdashery. Home brew. A pizza judging. Breadstick eating contest.
    What you should bring possibly, maybe, if you want: a Halloween costume, hash drinking bible, drinking vessel, party hats! You know, the standard party stuff....thongs.
    Hangover hash courtesy of Pecker Mache' for $5 next day! Enjoy "Mexifast" and help drain the keg dry.
    Email madhashhaberdashery@yahoogroups.com for item requests and ordering info.
    * let us know if you want a non-animal product donation gift
    - Here's to a long life and a happy one, a quick death and an easy one, a good man and an honest one, a cold pint...and another one.