Fall Beer Mile

posted: 2014-10-19
This event combines the very essence of what hashing is, running and drinking. We've been training for this for a long time. There are relay and individual events for this years beer mile. Use madhashtrash mailing list, if you're interested in creating or joining a team.

For more info:

Waukesha Red Dress Run

posted: 2014-05-23
Hey you…yeah, you. You only have three days to rego for Waukesha H3’s RDR for the cheap, cheap price of $25. That $25 gets you food, shiggy socks, views of random body parts and copious amounts of beer. You know you wanna…

Highway Cleanup

posted: 2014-05-23
Shameless plug....I [sizzle me titters] apparently own the MH3 trash cleanup. I really have no idea what I am doing, so I plan on drinking before we start. Meet next Sunday (June 1) at 9:15am at Tony Frank's. We will head out around 10:30am to clean up the trash

Monona 20K Beer Stop

posted: 2014-04-28
Monona 20k is this Saturday, May 3rd, 9AM. Dribbs will be hosting a beer stop in front of his house (2814 Lakeland Ave., the 9-mile mark) starting ~9:30. Slow Hand & I could use 1-2 more volunteers starting ~10AM.
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    Halloween Pub Crawl (Organizer and Chief: Pussy Crisis)

Date: Friday 31st of October
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: One Barrel Brewing Company, Atwood Avenue, Madison, WI
Description: Back by popular demand, for one night only... it's the annual MH3 Halloween Pub Crawl, Friday, October 31! We'll be on Atwood this year, for a change of pace.
Approximate schedule:
7:00 One Barrel
7:45 Players
8:30 Mr Roberts
9:15 Wilson's (karaoke night, no Journey please!)
10:15 Harmony
11:15 Next Door
??:?? I'm drunk, you're on your own
Handy checklist of items to bring:
US currency: yes, you can exchange this for beer!
RTG costume: optional
Underwear: optional
Penicillin: highly recommended
Dignity: not applicable, you don't have any
Shame: see dignity
Pot: no need, Ah Shit or Zamboner will smoke you up
Band of merry elves: yes, they will carry you home at the end of the night
Bail money: yes, especially if you forget to bring elves

    Analversary Hash (hare: Michelle Vick) # 1946

Date: Saturday 1st of November
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: Ski's Saloon, West Main Street, Sun Prairie, WI
Description: Parking lot behind Ski's Saloon in Sun Prairie at 3pm. Feel free to pre-lube at Ski's if you're not too hungover from the Halloween Bar Crawl and not yet drunk enough from the Beer Mile.

Not sure whose bright idea it was to let me be a virgin hare on the Anniversary hash, so keep your expectations low. In exchange, I can promise you there will be plenty of booze and shenanigans to be had.

    Pecker Mache's Hash Run #1947

Date: Saturday 8th of November
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: TBA

    Porkins and FootThong Birthday Hash Run # 1948

Date: Saturday 15th of November
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: TBA

    Blown Dry & Bone Again's Hashgiving #1949

Date: Saturday 22nd of November
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: TBA