Grand Master:

Dishonorable Sectary to the Grand Master: 

Religious Advisor:
CowPoker, Michelle Vick



Hash Horn:
Baby Balls

Hash Cash:
Slow Hand


Shit Nazi:

Hash Assbassoder:

Mr Rhythm

Race Directors:
PussyWillHo, MichelleVick

Masters of Protocal:
SlowHand , Nutfarmer , Dribbles, RD, Strokes, Col.Mustard

Paging Dr Rotten Boner


Grand Masters

Lead Ceremonies* and generally organize all the bad ideas of other hashers. MH3 big cheese. Leads with a dynamic strength that permeates the fabric of the organization. Organizes Mismanagement meetings, sends emails, drinks coffee. Both directly, and through other officers, provides inspiration, direction, and vision to all. This position ranks only below all other hashers and offices in real importance to the hash. Delegates work. Does what Old Farts say. Buys first pitcher at Mismanagement meetings.

Dishonorable Secretary to the Grand Master

Mostly writes down (or makes up) shit that the Grand Master will forgot. Keeper of the “List of Names”. Keeps meeting minutes at Mismanament Meetings. Pours first pitcher of beer at Meetings.

Religious Advisor

Keeper of the faith. Enforcer of the scriptures. Lead Ceremonies. Keeps the peace. The religious advisor spreads the word and inspires the zest and zeal of the hash in all participants. Any hasher found transgressing the spirit of hashing is disciplined by the RA. Keeper of the sacred Laws of Hashing, the Religious Advisor comes up with sufficiently plausible lies to cover any serious questions of propriety of actions within the hash. Reports violations of protocol to Grand Master. Talks to cops when necessary.

Hash Cash

Keep of the large hash treasury. Reports to Grand Master.

Hash Webmeister

Does internet stuff to make website work.

Hash Shitnazi

Keep track of the hash awards. This is arguably the most complicated position within the hash hierarchy. The responsibility surrounds custody of a large card-board box filled with the flotsam and jetsam of hash awards. Precisely why this crap is retained is a mystery shrouded in the mythology of hashdom. Probably a set of duties beyond the cognitive ability of your average hasher.

Hash Haberdasher

Procures and sells MH3 apparel (shirts, happicoats, patches, ankle bracelets,etc). General money laundering.

Hash Assbamador

Maintain relations with other hashes. Invites other kennels to big hash events. Organizes road trips. Keeps track of when an where Nash Hash, Inter Hashers.

Keeper of the Hash Horn

Holder of MH3 hash horn. Unofficial Sargent-at-Arms. Musical ability: Optional.


The Songmeister speaks with other hashers and hashes to acquire songs to add to the hash hymnal. The mission is to explore new tunes and new celebrations. Keeper of MH3 Hash Hymnal.

Masters of Hash Protocol (Old Farts)

An amorphous group usually comprised of all the former hash officers who still remain involved. Nothing is allowed without the approval of this group. Gives orders to GM.