We are a drinking club with a running problem. We run every Saturday.

5pm during daylight savings time, 3 pm otherwise.

Now with every Full Moon!

Hash locations will always be on the calendar below. If it’s not posted yet, you are too early.

Want to hare? Find an empty date and email hare@madisonh3.com

June 22, 2024
  • Trapper Pussy, MD and Tight Cunt Ho Ring Float Hash Run #2458
    Start: 5:00 pm
    Date: June 22, 2024  - 1 hour ago


    RING FLOAT HASH: (aka: Tubing Hash undressed rehearsal) Start @ 5:00 pm Broadhead Street, Mazomanie (CTY Y). There is a parking area where the street intersects the railroad in the middle of town. Meet there! Put your favorite ring pool float around your waist and let's run around the village of Mazomanie! We might just get noticed! It'll be hot as hell so feel free to prelube in the pool at 5378 Reeve Rd, Mazomanie starting from 1:00-4:30 pm. The on-in will be back at the pool at Trapper and TCH's. Ceremonies, food, beer, pool party, Karaoke. Camp or flop here if needed.

June 29, 2024
  • Elroy-Sparta Bash Camping! #2459
    Start: 9:00 am
    Date: June 29, 2024  - 7 days from now


    It's a bash! It's a campout! It's the 6th (?) Annual Elroy-Sparta Bash-Campout! We will be camping at the Elroy campsite, and you are welcome to show up for any part of the camping. There will probably be someone at camp starting at about 3p Friday through noon Sunday, so grab your heaviest objects and join us at any point! If you'd like to join the ride, show up at the Elroy trail parking lot around 9 a.m. Saturday. The ride is approximately 65 miles on crushed limestone. We go pretty slow. Either way, if you're interested, reach out to KY or hare@madisonh3.com so we don't lose you.

July 6, 2024
  • Samori Sex & Puppy Poker Hash Run #2460
    Start: 5:00 pm
    Date: July 6, 2024  - 2 weeks from now


July 13, 2024
  • Muffy’s Fete de Marquette Hash Run #2461
    Start: 5:00 pm
    Date: July 13, 2024  - 3 weeks from now


July 20, 2024
  • The Tubing Hash Run #2462
    Start: 11:00 am
    Date: July 20, 2024  - 4 weeks from now


    Your hares: Trapper Pussy, MD and Tight Cunt Ho
    The tubing bus loads at 11. If you don't read the details below, at least show up at the start at that time.
    More details and full schedule: https://www.tubing.madisonh3.com/

    Full event - early reg (arrive Friday at 5, leave Sunday at 5): $85 per person, pretty much all-inclusive
    Full event - after 7/14: $90
    Full event but the bus is full and you have to figure out your own way there: subtract $15
    You only want to float on Saturday: $25, you pay the bar that organizes the float
    Friday night only (no float): $10, food included
    Sunday only: Complimentary
    To rego, paypal @TrapperP or venmo @dtrotterwrx. Include your hash name in the comments!

    Note that Casa de Trapper/TCH is pretty much a clothing-optional spot. That is not expected of you, but you should expect it of others. This same does not hold true for places where we are around other people, especially children. Don't be an idiot, listen to directions, and if you aren't sure if something is okay, ask misman before assuming it is.