Twas the night before Paavo, and all across the state
No strippers were dancing, not even Andrew’s date

To Hurley and Silver Street there would be no heading
In hopes to prevent the COVID from spreading

The hashers were glum, for this unfortunate year
They had to miss out on the strippers and beer

No lap dances from Barbie or losing MV,
Nor running the race known as Paavo Nurmi

But wait, for what on the ground should appear,
But some flour and chalk and a mark saying “Beer near!”

The hashers all welcomed the wonderful sight,
They put on their sneakers and laced them up tight.

“On Butt Charms! On Muffy! On BoneHer and KY!
On Footie! On Nummy! On on, Brew Coli!

To the top of that hill, there’s a park with a view,
And a cooler that’s filled with liquor and brew

Then when it’s all over, we’ll no longer have frowns,
We’ll sing dirty songs and we’ll drink our down downs.

For happiness isn’t found in a stripper’s thong,
It’s the Hasher spirit that was in our hearts all along.