1:00 pm – Starting point TBD

Paging Dr. Rotten BoneHer — Kwussssfty the Fwown
Crap On, Crap Off — Cow Poker
Liquor Asssssessor — Michelle Vick — Mommy May I Hash?Click to Rego! Who’s Cumming??

Brace yourself for a marathon of beer! Just what a drinker with a running problem needs! You’ve been training your livers well for the last 5 years, and now it’s your time to shine!! 26.2 bars with 26.2* beers!

*Beers will be 4 oz unless you’re stupid, you’re stupid, you’re really fucking dumb and buy yourself more.

HOW MUCH DOES THIS COST? Depends on how long you procrastinate!

9/2-9/9: $69
9/10-9/15: $75
9/16-9/30: $80
10/1-10/19: $90
10/20-11/9: $100, no goodies included. Don’t procrastinate!
11/10 (day of): $200. Don’t be an asshole.

WHAT DO I GET? Your rego comes with:

  1. A 50something-of-a-kind shirt you probably don’t need but you  or your “friends” (hashers) can sharpie whatever the hell you (they) want on it to make it one-of-a-kind!
  2. A wristband, which is important because it will GET YOU BEER!
  3. BEER!!!
  4. More BEER!!
  5. Maybe some other things. Check back. Or be patient and find out.

WHY DOES THIS COST SO MUCH? Because that’s how much it costs to give you beer and things.


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