First – Show Up!

We hash every single Saturday, rain or shine. During daylight savings time (Summer) we hash at 5:00 pm, and otherwise (Winter) 3:00 pm. Yes, every Saturday. We haven’t missed one since our kennel was founded in 1977, so chances are we won’t miss the one you first show up to! Find out where to show up here. If you are cumming for the first time and insist on being five minutes early, don’t worry, someone will likely be there eventually.

What is Hashing?

You will be referred to a “virgin”, a “new boot” or by your first name prefaced by “Just” as in “Just John” or “Just Julie” whereas we will have fancy hash names like “Prince Variant” and “Way Too Soon”. You’ll eventually earn a hash name after you set trail and do something dumb enough to get named for. Namings happen when they happen, and not before.

An irreverent sense of humor is more important than any running skill. There is a LOT of stopping and standing around during a hash trail because the pack does not know where they are going. There is also at least one beer check (stop). So it is easy to keep up even if you are walker, a novice jogger or out of shape.

Hashing is NOT for you if you think getting there first is the goal or if you are easily offended. Not only is there a trail run, there is food, ceremonies and more. Expect to be having fun for at least three hours after the start of the run.

On a hash run, a “Hare” or “Harriette” sets a trail unknown to the rest of the hashers. The idea is to find the trail, which leads to the beer, which leads to (creates?) the party. The trail may lead almost anywhere through woods, railroad tracks, alleys, mudholes, and bars. Wearing your nice new pair of running shoes would be… well…. you’re an adult (theoretically). You decide. There are many ways to describe the Hash House Harriers but it combines Running, Drinking, singing, eating and socializing. If you thought this might be a pleasant way to lose some weight, sorry, a hash is a net calorie gain.

This “trail” you speak of…

The “Hare” specifies a start location and then sets a trail for the “Pack” to follow for that location. Madison Hash House Harrier (MH3) trails generally end where the start (A to A) unless otherwise specified (A to B). The trail is set in flour (the baking kind!), chalk, toilet paper, and occasionally other non-toxic substances. Generally, a dollop of flour or a chalk arrow means you are on the correct trail. You will eventually reach other marks. You’ll also encounter opportunities to drink, which are sometimes in the Hare’s plans and sometimes not. Example marks include:

However, the hare can make up any marks they want. These are discussed prior to starting the run during “chalk talk.”

In Madison, the Hare/Harriette usually sets the trail ahead of time, although occasionally it is set “live hare.” In other words, the trail is usually set prior to the start of the hash, but sometimes the hare just gets a 10-20 min head start and this is when he/she marks the trail. If the hare is “live haring,” you have the opportunity to catch the hare and de-pants them.

The trail always ends at the “On-In,” where the drinking can finally begin! At this point you’ll experience the part of Hashing that is impossible to explain without experiencing it yourself.

The Madison Style

The Madison Hash House Harriers sets a hash trail every Saturday regardless of the outside conditions. Madison always has at least one beer check on each of its runs. Food is typically served afterwards at the on-in, which may be a bar, park, someone’s home, or even a parking lot. Ceremonies includes singing and giving away hash paraphernalia for notable transgression during the run. This is a coed hash and we welcome runners of all abilities, adult ages, and degrees of ugliness. The trail generally is from 3 to 5 miles if you don’t make any wrong turns.

Fees and Dues

Hash Cash is usually only $5 a week, payable at the beginning of the run (first timers AKA “new boots” or “virgins” do not pay). This is one of your entertainment bargains and is much cheaper than therapy.


In case you are used to hashing elsewhere… There is only one rule in Madison: “There are no rules.” It doesn’t matter what the weather is, the hash is ON. Ceremonies are not conducted in a circle, sometimes we assign FRBs and DFLs regardless of reality, and you’ll get called out for hash shit in our own special way. Yes, we sing songs. But Madison likes to keep it short and slow compared to some. After all, there are beers to drink.

If you’d like to be in contact before cumming, check out our Facebook page or email us.


Since this IS a drinking club (with a running problem), you must be 21 years old to participate. And since you are an “adult”… you are in charge of your own alcohol consumption. Down-downs or the chugging of (half) beers are part of ceremonies. And Madison always pours a proper measure – no dixie cups used here. However, we never force anyone to drink. You have two options: 1. fill a cup with water and drink that. 2. Choose a “champion” who will drink for you. It’s easy to get around in madison without driving. Uber, Lyft, taxi, bike, B-Cycle, walk, or bus. Don’t drive if you’ve been drinking, please.