Tune: “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”

I used to work in Chicago,
In an old department store.
I used to work in Chicago,
But I don’t work there anymore.

A woman came in for a glazed doughnut.
“Glazed doughnut from the store?”
Glazed doughnut she wanted, cream filled she got!
“Ohhhh and I don’t work there anymore!”

*More Verses:*

Wanted Got
Ruler 12 inches
Hammer Nailed
Liquor Lick her I did
Seafood Crabs
Juice Box Juice from my box
Brass Tub Golden Shower
Quick Service Quick Serviced
Nail Screwed
Fishing Rod My Pole
Jewelry Pearl Necklace
Duck Misheard her I did
Beer Bush
Horse Ridden
Doughnut My Hole
Pizza Backdoor Delivery
Ruler 12 inches
Dinner Ate Out
Piano My Organ