*… = nana nana nana na*

My name is Jack
and I’m a necrophiliac

I fuck dead women
and I fill them with jism

I get frustrated
when they’re cremated

‘Cause try as I must
I can’t fuck dust

My name is Gus
and I’m incestuous

I fucked my mother
and buggered my brother

But when they die,
I will not cry

‘Cause just like Jack
I’m a necrophiliac

My name is Kyle
and I’m a pedophile

Little boys and girls
Are my sex toys

If I have a son
It’ll be so fun

‘Cause just like Gus
I’m incestuous

My name is McDonald...
But I’m no Ronald

My Speciality
Is beastiality

I show my charm
Down on the farm

I sew wild oats
When I go at the goats

I pet the pony
And it makes me boney

Forget little Bo-Peep
I shag her sheep

She says “golly”
So I fuck her collie

I blow the bull
till my cheeks are full

I don’t get rattled
double fucking cattle

Dad showed me how
When we shared the cow

I stroked her udder
she said “I’m your mudder!”

I did not fuss
’cuz I’m like Gus

I’m the ghost of McJack
I was a bestial necrophiliac

I got a big thrill…
When I reamed roadkill

I’d say hop into bed girl
‘n fuckme likea dead squirrel…

I’d sideswipe a hen
Park and hit it again

I did a dead duck
And got hit by a truck

Credit for many verses: Zamboner, MH3